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You can count on the expertise of our R&D team to assist you with marketing trends and new flavors, so your business can focus on meeting your customers’ expectations

Products for Food Service

  • Bases for sauces, consommes and soups

  • Breaders and Batters

  • Custom-made spices and seasonings

  • Soy Sauces, Worcestershire Sauce, Vinegars, Hot Sauces 

  • Custom-made Special recipes


The restaurant and fast food industries keep growing and provide a solution for the consumers, not only because of time constraints, but for trends in consumption . That is why new restaurants appear on the market frequently. Nevertheless, the success on this type of business depends on critical factors such as food quality, consumer experience, general hygiene, expenses control, etc. With OPA Ingredients you can trust on the high quality and standardization of our products, reliable and on time service, so you can take care of other success points for your company. We have a variety of sauce bases, dressings and dry bouillons and soups, coating systems for meat and poultry, prepared spices and seasonings, liquid sauces, vinegar, etc.
What new products would like to try on your menu?

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