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The meat industry provides the main source of proteins to the consumers. OPA Ingredients provide quality ingredients to the meat processors so the can produce excellent products.


Advantages and benefits

  • Enhanced Textures

  • Increased juiciness and smoothness

  • Performance improvement

  • Longer Shelf Life

  • Freeze-thaw resistance

Functional Systems for Meat and Derivatives

  • Injection brines for pork, beef and chicken

  • Breaders and batters

  • Marinades and Rubs (chicken, beef and pork)

  • Spices  and seasonings for sausages and meats

  • Custom-made Unit-packs

Raw Materials, Additives and Ingredients

  • Vegetable protein

  • Native and Denatured Starches 

  • Flavor enhancers

  • Antioxidants

  • Preservatives

  • Natural colors-oleoresins

Materias Primas Aditivos e ingredientes.


  • Collagen casings

  • Plastic casings

  • Cellulose casings

  • Plastic cases

  • Vacuum packaging bags

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