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Coating Systems

Our coating systems include custom batters and breadings designed to make the final product look appetizing, golden brown, and have an unbeatable flavor and crisp texture, always maintaining the adherence of the breading to the substrate.

Our team of specialists can give you solutions of flavor, texture, adhesion, absorption of fat and color according to your preferences.


Spices and Seasonings

We have a laboratory and extensive experience to develop the flavor profile that our clients' products require, be it traditional, modern, fusion, Latin or a variety of ethnic flavors.

The essential of a food is its flavor. Our ingredients enhance the qualities of food, flavor, appearance and aroma, giving them added value and unique quality.


Salsas, Aderezos y Consomés

Soups, consommés, sauces and dressings have become indispensable in the daily kitchen of modern families that demand easy preparation without affecting the flavor. At OPA Ingredients, we use high-quality spice blends, trendy flavors, natural colors, and functional ingredients to formulate dehydrated, concentrated, and custom-made products. This is how we managed to provide light or thick dressings, soups and sauces, smooth, with or without lumps, according to the needs of our clients. 


Rubs and marinades

Our rubs and marinades work perfectly on a variety of cuts of beef, pork, chicken, fish, and seafood. In addition to imparting exceptional flavors, they increase the juiciness and smoothness of the meat muscle, resulting in exquisite dishes.

Our wide variety of trendy flavors will transport you to high quality international cuisine.


Colors and oleoresins

Each product has its own essence. Our job is to bring that essence to life through our own natural colors and flavors. They are the magic touch of food.

Our variety of natural colors come from plants such as turmeric, carrots, beets and other plants, so the stability of the colorant in the food must be thoroughly evaluated. We can suggest the types of colors that are suitable for your product so that the tone is not lost, taking into account the type of food, processing, acidity, etc.


Functional Ingredients

The need to improve our lifestyles has led consumers to look for products that meet this need in a way that provides health benefits. This is how our functional ingredients provide the characteristics to achieve consumer demands.

At Opa Ingredients we are innovating at all times, and we supply ingredients according to the trends of the food industry locally and globally. This is how we have modern and traditional functional ingredients. Natural fibers, preservatives, salt substitutes, sweeteners are some of our ingredients.

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