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Our passion:  Create unique blends that enhance the natural and latin flavors of the food industry through state of the art ingredients and technology.
 - Industries we Serve -

OPA Ingredients provides quality ingredients to the meat industry to further process excellent retail products.  

Check us out for injection systems, marinades, seasonings, rubs and more.


Meat industry

We provide you the transcendent ingredients you need to create out-of-this world sensory appealing snacks.  


Snack Industry

Your breads, cakes, cookies, and pastries can be formulated with specialized blends flours,  flavors, natural colors, texture enhancers, and additives to enrich and make them more eye-appealing.


Bakery Industry

We have a specialized product development team to meet your needs in terms of market trends, new flavors, so that you can meet your  consumer expectations.


Food Service

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