We create and produce innovative ingredients and custom-made blends for our clients, formulas with exquisite flavors of traditional and modern Latin food. We use ingredients such as Hot Sauces, Seasonings for the meat industry, applications for snacks, desserts, bakery and foodservice. We use a wide portfolio of natural colors and functional ingredients.
Cassava Starch (Tapioca)
  • It is a Natural ingredient of the Food Industry

  • High Water Holding Capacity (WHC)

  • Excellent emulsifier and stabilizer

  • It has a neutral flavor, does not contribute to the taste or smell of the Final Product

  • Gelatinizes at lower temperatures.

Regional Traditional Flavors

Each of the Central American countries offers a different experience, unique, delicious and special dishes, characteristic of each region, department, or area. Meat products stand out, which are prepared in very different ways, giving color and a lot of flavor to the culture of each place.


Mix of Hot Chili Paste (Capsicum frutescens ), tropical fruits and salt, obtaining an explosive mixture of flavors and intense aroma. Ideal for making Unique Sauces with an exotic and spicy flavor. Tamaring, Passionfruit, Coconut, Ginger. 

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